Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ben Kopilow - Wedding photographer

Ben Kopilow is a Canberra based wedding photographer, a member of the AIPP and the principal photographer of 'Fusion Photography.
His career started out at PMA trade shows where he would book a couple of weddings and then ended up with a reputable wedding photography business in which his own personal style is embedded and sought after.
Ben caters for most types of wedding budgets however prefers to shoot high end, boutique style weddings.

Shoot to burn - Dump cd + Negatives - $500 - $1200
Middle of the market - Albums, etc - $2000 - $3000
Top end - Go the extra mile - $12 000

A wedding with all expenses included costs Ben around $1500 at the bottom line, so he aims to price weddings at around $5000 minimum to make a justifiable profit.

The main thing I learnt from this guest speaker, as corny as it sounds, is to embrace beliefs and aspirations and rule out any self limiting beliefs.

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