Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dan O'Day

Dan O'Day was probably my favourite of the photographers that visited our class.

Emerging from public service, he became a fine art photographer that is now know by a huge spectrum of people winning many awards and exhibiting lots of work, as well has having it published.
His work is usually defined as 'Fine art' and he gave some tips on breaking into the industry just as he did.
His advice mentioned:

** Start and mantain a CV- Jotting down every time you get something published or exhibited, documenting paid and unpaid work experience, everything counts!
** Create an online profile - Easy to update and easy for your viewers to follow you, he also mentioned other image upload sites like deviantart and flicker to create exposure for yourself and document what you've been up to.
** Keep yourself inspired, read magazines etc

He also mentioned that he got his first work exhibited by just going into a gallery in Melbourne and presenting his work to the curator, proving that sometimes you just have to put yourself out there to be recognized.

His work can be viewed at

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