Thursday, November 18, 2010


This lesson's time was dedicated to our other teacher for this subject, Hilary Wardaugh.

Hilary is highly regarded in the AIPP, and is a master level photographer in the institution.

Like many of the other photographers that have visited us, Hilary focuses her photographic practices on portraiture and weddings.
She graduated CIT and then got out into the real wide world.

Like other photographers creating businesses,
Hilary suggests having contact number, e-mail, online networking (Website, facebook, blogs etc, and a portfolio of your previous work to show your clients or potential clients.

Hilary also gave insight into what to charge for your services and your products, and the types of things you have to take into consideration to ensure you are not undercharging.
Calculation of what to charge can be made by taking the following into consideration:
Knowing what to charge:
This can be calculated when you know all of your expenses such as:
Equipment you use; Camera, lights, flash etc etc
Insurance of your equipment
Staff wages: Assistants, post production etc
Rent: Space for your studio/office etc
Advertising fees; Yellow pages, magazine, online
Water and electricty bills
Phone bills etc

Her work and more information can be viewed here:

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