Thursday, November 18, 2010


The excursion to Sydney was a real eye opener,
We visited three studios

This was a cute little office set in Mossman which seemed to have done quite well for itself.
The photographers were focused on high end wedding and portraiture with family photos, babies, engagements and weddings being a big feature.
The office space was set up well and looked aesthetically pleasing! If I was going to have photos taken I'd book thm.

- We had a quick tour of what the studios have to offer, rental, shop, repairs, massive studios with cycs, catering, light and equipment and prop hire, an on site post production workshop!
- A quick lighting demo of the new broncholor lighting schemes and the massive umbrella flash! Woah.

A third studio in the city.
- Used for corporate
- Post production rooms above the studio
- Products and advertising
- Have done some work for pretty big brands
- Interesting!

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